Related Websites

I offer these related websites so that I may be known by the company I keep. Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County website. Libertarian Party of California website. Libertarian Party national website. Website for the Libertarian Party of East San Gabriel Valley, Region 67, where I serve as Chair. For anyone concerned with avoiding war. See who advocates liberty. Click on "World's Smallest Political Quiz" to see if you are a libertarian. Basic information for someone completely new to libertarian thought. I am a proud member of the Intl. Society for Individual Liberty, because liberty is a world-wide struggle. They have great issue pamphlets. I support the cable access TV show "Libertarian Alternative with Mark Selzer". View the TV schedule in your area. Listen to the Money Trail with Art Olivier on Monday Tuesday Wednesday's from 9 to 10 am. Find out how money drives politics world-wide. See what individualist feminists have to say. Their ideas sound good to me. The American Council on Science and Health is not libertarian and doesn't always carry my views, but their positions are well informed and worth considering. Thoughts from Virginia Postrel, my favorite New York Times editorial writer, and a great libertarian. My kind of consumer advocate group. Those corporate-bashing ones are actually anti-consumer. Not libertarian, but a good website for fighting government actions harmful to the environment. Find how you can protect your freedoms by opposing the military draft. Advocates treating marijuana like alcohol and cigarettes. So do I. The Heartland Institute brings a market-based perspective to environmental, education, healthcare, and other public policy issues. I support the Cato Institute. I support the Reason Foundation. I support the Objectivist Center. I support the Foundation for Economic Education. I support The Future of Freedom Foundation. What Libertarians think about the November 2004 propositions. Why you should vote No on Prop 72 - mandated healthcare. Find out about all the races and measures which will appear on your November 2004 ballot. Marijuana Policy Project - click on "marijuana prohibition facts" at the bottom of the page to see the harm being caused. I support the Independent Institute because they bring a human freedom perspective to pubic policy debate.